Does Your Small Business Have An Image Problem?

Running a small business can be a fantastic experience, but not one without its troubles.  It takes a while to get your foot in the door.   Why? It’s all down to your image. The truth is that the vast majority of people out there prefer doing business with established companies with plenty of experience - which could leave you out in the cold.

However, there are some things you can do as a small business owner to start turning the tide, improve your image, and start getting better results. We are going to take a look at a few suggestions right now, so read on to find out more.


OK, so first of all, are you listening to potential clients that turn you down? If not, you should be. Don’t be afraid to ask why they haven’t decided to run with you as a client, and use your ears! Your audience will tell you an awful lot about what you are doing right, but most importantly, what you are doing wrong. And once you understand these issues, you are in a perfect place to deal with them.


While there has been an explosion in work-from-home businesses in the past decade, the truth is that other companies still prefer to work with companies that have a physical presence - an office space, for example. Yes, there are many people able to buck this trend, but let’s face facts: your home office could be damaging your ability to score higher profile clients. So, consider looking for a proper office space somewhere. Talk to commercial interior designers and create a professional, attractive environment that wows your clients. And make sure you locate yourself where you have a presence with your audience - location is everything.


Another sad truth about doing business is that people prefer working with others that dress professionally.  It doesn’t matter how skilled or talented you are; if you don’t professionally present yourself, you will lose potential clients.


A lot of small business owners suffer from imposter syndrome - in fact, everyone suffers from imposter syndrome in some way. But the difference between those who make it and those who don’t is that the former can communicate their skills and talents in a better way. It’s that simple. So, work out what you are good at, and lay it all out for your customers. Update your blog and create content that offers incredible value to your audience. Put together an elevator pitch that puts across what you do and why you do it in a short and succinct sentence. And try and walk the line between confidence and overconfidence until you establish your reputation.

As you can see, there are plenty of issues standing in your way when you run a small business. But with a change of mindset, you can upgrade your presentation and improve your image in no time at all. Good luck! Collaboration.