Does Your Business Need Social Media?

As our world continually evolves with social media and selfies, are you in with the social media progression? Do you know any person without social media? All social media platforms are excellent. At times, I don’t enjoy using any of them. Which as you can imagine is challenging with an online gig. I do have to force myself to ‘get out there’ to promote our business. I am almost an introvert at times. Although I love ‘getting out there’ with friends, connecting and building relationships in my day to day life and business, you will very rarely see me ‘out there’ on social media. 


I have tried hard to learn to love social media, and at times I do, however, I have been disappointed several times by someone's actual interest and vibe after seeing them shine with enthusiasm and good vibes on Facebook. Funny, but at the same time off-putting. However, social media for business, well that’s a different story. I do love social media as a business marketing tool.


Now that there are millions of users of social media, numerous business opportunities are lying within it. Most businesses have made a fortune through social media networking. Let’s see how.

Numerous social media platforms, ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, among others are all utilised as a part of most businesses marketing campaign. You have probably used all of them. They all have unique functionalities so rocking on all platforms is the ideal scenario. Maybe, you might like to narrow it down by choosing your favourite two. Choosing which two to focus your attention on can be a daunting task, and it may also feel limiting. You want your business to be ‘out there’ and attract as many paying customers as possible so removing one of your social media platforms from your marketing campaign may feel as though you are limiting your reach.


They all are, depending on your business, but most importantly each social media platform has to work for your company and give you a profitable ROI (rate of return). I used to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram but I only properly interacted and connected with our audience on Instagram as we have found over the years that this platform has given us our highest ROI. Not the best marketing strategy by only focusing on one platform, but it’s the best I can do with my limited budget and time. Algorithms change which I find challenging but for now, Instagram and Facebook will continue to be our chosen platforms. But let's see how the facts add up. 


Let’s look at it statistically to gain a better understanding. Instagram has more than 800 million monthly users, and many experts believe it could reach one billion by the end of 2018. Pinterest has approximately 175 million active users on a monthly basis, and YouTube has 1.5 billion users monthly, and Twitter has 330 million users, while Facebook has almost 2 billion active users every month. Facebook beats all social media platforms by far. Does it mean that it is the best platform for you? Not really, it depends on how you enjoy using the social media platform. You as the outreach manager, visual designer, marketing manager, content creator have to love your images, words, and community. People can feel the vibe of your account, which may sound slightly ‘hocus pockus’ but I genuinely believe this is one of the underlying successes of all accounts nailing it on social media.

The best thing about Facebook is that it combines features of other social media platforms. You can send messages, videos, share posts, and create an attractive profile. Most people use Facebook, so it is suitable for both small and international businesses. A business owner can benefit equally from all the other platforms, especially Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Choose which platform works best for your business and engage with your customers by answering their questions. Reach out and comment on other blogs. You can as well pay for adverts to reach out to a broader audience. Most renowned businesses ‘boost’ their posts to get more views. You can easily keep track of everything. Facebook is also a cheap way of advertising your services and products. Provide compelling content and be consistent and you will get the best out of it. Based on these arguments, Facebook may be the best social media platform for your business.