Corporate Event Planning Tips Every Business Needs

Corporate event planning is part of every business branding strategy, and it might be a part of your professional plan too. Not all entrepreneurs have organisational skills needed to pull off a big corporate event though. Often, a professional planner is hired to take care of each event. They will discuss with you the purpose of the occasion and how many people need catering. They might even recruit entertainers and other public speakers to make more of a show of it.  

But there are a few essential requirements of any corporate event that you, the business owner, should be aware of. After all, you’re likely to attend every one in person:


Whether you are large or small, you should make all significant announcements into a big occasion. Set yourself a stage, tell a story, and clarify the benefits or advantages of what you have to say. The idea is to gather your workers and any relevant third parties to attract a buy-in of any significant changes. Getting everyone on board with something different is a challenge. Bringing everyone together to announce it helps create a good team atmosphere.

Ultimately, you’re selling an idea or project that you need everyone to buy into, get on board with, and be motivated to work their hardest. Don’t just bury the news in a mass email or company newsletter. Involve them, even if they are only an audience to your delivery of the report. Provide a few refreshments and make the announcement fun and engaging. Use graphics, models of products, and even fun demonstrations to keep the energy level up in the room.


This event is a huge deal and attended by journalists and other people from the media. Most importantly, you will invite influencers and customers to be the first to get a formal glimpse of your brand new product. There needs to be a great atmosphere and a real buzz around the product itself. Use this event to keep the public waiting, hungry to be the first to check it out!

Most of the work to make this event a huge success is done away from the venue long before the big night. Generating hype about your product is achieved through email campaigns, social media posts, and plenty of PR, managed by your marketing agency. However, it is essential you provide quotes and sound bites in the media. Each piece should be a teaser trailer for the product. Reveal a little more each time to create excitement and interest for your customers.

A launch party needs to be a big spectacle. Provide catering, lots of lights and music, and make yourself the centre of attraction at the start. Then, when everything is in place, it’s time to put the product in the spotlight. Use staging and presentations, and provide the opportunity for customers and journalists to use the product. Make sure there is plenty of information available that answers all the questions they might have.

You will need extra members of staff on hand to help guests with their enquiries. Make sure they are easily identifiable with branded ID cards on lanyards from places like and uniform attire. Make sure they behave professionally at all times. Keep alcohol off-limits and offer some customer services training for those outside of that role. Make sure they all have plenty of marketing materials with them so they can take contact details and orders.


This in-house event should celebrate good news within the company. One of your employees might have secured a big client, or your business might have turned a reasonable profit. Always celebrate good news like this with a company party to thank your employees for their continued effort. See it as a reward that can help to motivate your workforce to deliver even longer next time.

Provide catering and a relaxed or informal environment so employees can let their hair down. You might have to be prepared to forgive any indiscretions on this type of occasion! You might also provide favours bags or small gifts as a thank you. Why not invite families in too so you can help boost employee loyalty as well as reaching out to others in your local community?


As your business grows, so will your reputation as an entrepreneur. Other business leaders love hearing from people that have had great success. They want to know your story and how you achieved this. Chances are you’re becoming quite renowned for your business acumen in a specific area. It might be management, marketing, or product development. Now is the time to give your public profile a big boost. It’s time to share your story (and get paid for it)

Start by writing a couple of articles or even an eBook. Proving you know your stuff and readers will want to know more. Now you need to develop a training event that imparts more of your knowledge and leaves participants with new skills and ideas to try out. What you charge is up to you, but you might need to cover the costs of a conference centre and refreshments. In turn, lead to opportunities for you to speak at more significant events for a fee.


Attending conventions or exhibitions relevant to your product niche is important. It helps you to network, and it helps you to reach out to your customers. You can personally get involved in the sales process and talk in person with suppliers that are also exhibiting there. Perhaps most importantly, you get to see what your competitors are doing! Set up a stand, present your products, and make a point of collecting your customer’s thoughts, opinions, and contact details!

When you’re in the public eye, it’s vital that your behaviour is always professional and that you offer the public something they want. Develop a public persona so you can still separate your private life easily. How do you make the most of events for your business?  Collaboration.

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