Copywriting Tips To Attract Your Target Audience

Most people can write, but it takes an exceptional copywriter to attract readers and to keep them as well. Have you ever wondered why some blogs or websites have thousands of visitors while others are a lonely desert? Well, how they prepare content and present their articles and website pages matters a lot. Let’s see how you can attract your target audience.


If there is one thing that attracts, engages and keeps your readers to and on your website it is how your readers find your headlines. Are your headlines catchy and relevant to your target audiences needs? Every article you write requires a catchy title that gives your reader the urge to read more. To ensure that your headline is mind-blowing, keep it short and use powerful words. Catchy headlines could include reasons, figures, tips, or adjectives as long as they arouse the curiosity of the reader. Also never use headlines as clickbait. You can never keep tricking your audience every time. Be honest, authentic and stay relevant. CoSchedule has a brilliant headline analysis tool.


You are not writing a formal report which in most cases is tedious and sometimes annoying to read. The best articles are in an informal language. Interact with your audience and show them that you understand their concerns. You can as well show them that you are part of them. Don’t act like an outsider trying to fit in. Be clear, focus on the audience, and use words to paint a picture in the mind of a reader.


Ensure your content is easy to read with all spelling, grammar and punctuation correct. I use Grammarly to check spelling, grammar, punctuation and plagiarism of all content I write and for all articles, we receive to publish on my blog. I also check content depending on the style of writing required such as formal or personal. I wouldn’t be able to write a significant amount of material for different countries if it wasn’t for Grammarly. Writing articles for an American audience has a different spelling than for an Australian and British audience. Grammarly flicks through my content and corrects accordingly.


Articles with videos and pictures get approximately 94 per cent more views than those with words only. Look for relevant pictures that help you to pass across the intended message. Photographs and videos serve as excellent illustrations and always catch readers eyes. Readers who have no idea about what you are addressing will give up reading your articles if you do not provide them with pictures or videos to help them gain a better understanding of the topic.