Starting A Digital Business When You Know Nothing

It seems that everybody is now dipping their toes into the online business world, and as such, it can feel like if you're not starting an online business you are being left behind. But, in life, there are more ways to earn money than just going online. But as the internet is a well of potential, and the fact that it can be so easy to start an online business in any way, that we have to get over ourselves and get set up. But it's not that simple. And what's more, some of us can feel like we have no clue when it comes to the digital world. Sure, we can use the internet, but actually delving deep into the nuts and bolts is another thing entirely. But, let's demystify the process and get you up to speed. If you find starting any sort of digital business and intimidating prospect, you have found the right place. 

Make A Plan At The Outset 

The main reason people will have you believe they are high flying business experts is that it was a gift handed to them by God. This is far from the case. Yes, we can see that so many startups and business ventures tend to fail, but this is primarily because people think they have the know-how, when in fact, they seldom do. It has been shown that time and time again, being the dumbest person in the room is a far better position to be in. This is because you need to learn and to absorb from others. But before all that, the successful people had a plan


By having a plan at the outset, you are able to manage your trajectory better. And most people have a business plan where they have projections, and this is what provides the framework. If you think that starting a digital business is an intimidating prospect, what are you basing this upon? Is it just the fact that you don't know anything right now? As soon as you get a plan in place, you know exactly what you will need to get to make the business take off. It's as the saying goes if you want to learn how to build a house, build one! And this is a fantastic lesson for anybody in the business.

Getting Yourself Educated

Education is vital, not just at the outset, but throughout your entire business life. There are some aspects that don't necessarily need learning right now, but the main component of any digital business is marketing. You need to learn marketing but there are numerous resources online that can help. Put simply, the main areas of marketing boils down to email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Once you get a handle on all of these, you will pretty much have comprehensive knowledge of the entire marketing process. But as you start to find your feet and your business becomes fully formed, this is when you will realize the little bits of additional knowledge that is essential to you and your business. 

But the great thing now is that there are so many resources, like the University of Southern California that provides detailed information but also allows you to have a qualification at the end of it. As you gradually accumulate knowledge, not just by completing qualifications, but also by doing business and finding the right people, you'll find that education isn't just about knowing facts and figures, but it's about acquiring business smarts; this comes with time. You shouldn't feel intimidated by why these business people that think they know it all, because, in actual fact, they do not. 

The Skill Of Networking 

It's not what you know, it is who you know. Starting a digital business isn't something you should do by yourself. It's about getting the right people on board that have the skills you don't. However, networking is one of the skills that we need to learn because it serves us very well. By understanding how to work with people to give them what they want, we benefit in the process as well. And this is one of the major problems with networking. A lot of people go into it with an ulterior motive. Instead, think about what you can do for other people. That's by no means to say that you have to give everything about yourself away. It's about identifying the right people to help. 

Developing Your Skills 

By developing your networking skills, you will start to relax more during these tense corporate events. If you're someone that gets intimidated by the idea of socializing at these networking events, you are not alone. A lot of people don't like the idea networking because it feels like they're giving something of themselves away. But when you are looking to start a digital business, the great tool you have a job social in terms of socializing is that you can do it all through social media the outset. LinkedIn provides an abundance of tools that can help you find the right people, ask the right questions, and get a mentor. This is one of the great tools that anybody can benefit from. Because there are so many entrepreneurs that think they know it all, when they don't, you are at an advantage. 

Your Customer Base Are Gold 

A lot of people are attracted to the idea of doing business. People like the power that it presents. And a lot of people who are starting online companies, or want to achieve some sense of freedom in their lives may not have thought it through. Business is all about supply and demand. This is where the customer becomes an essential piece of the puzzle. You could feel intimidated by going into an industry where it would seem that every company has a niche covered, but if they don't treat their customers like human beings, don't interact with them properly. And ultimately, don't solve their problems, but you are going into it with a more human and heartfelt approach to providing for specific customers, you will be at an advantage. 

Having a loyal customer base at the beginning is incremental to the buildup of a business. So many people learn to run before they can walk, and if you are intimidated by starting a business because there is such an oversaturated market place, you are not alone! But if you are someone who is willing to learn, has the tenacity to see it through, and realise, above all else that you aren't the most important person, but rather, your customer is, you will be able to fly. Collaboration.