Aim For The Moon: Shifting Focus With Your Business

There’s always a time in your business story when you begin to realise that you have lost sight of your values and interests. Often, it’s the result of trying to pursue every opportunity simultaneously to ensure the survival of your business. You know the kind: You’re working hard all the time, you’re trying too many different things, and not all of them are successful.

More importantly, you’re losing focus. It’s time to sit down and ask yourself honestly what you want to do with your business. It can be tricky to try to shift focus to the right process. But don’t worry, here are some ideas to get you started!


If you have scaled up your business across a variety of service areas, it’s likely that you are exhausting your capacities. Nobody can be an expert in everything. Instead, focusing on a niche area can help you to become the go-to expert in your field. Niche targeting will get you more attention than trying to offer a bit of everything. More importantly, it means that you can create highly specialist content, increase your prices and promote yourself through niche guest publications in the press and on favourite blogs.


Information is a valuable currency on the market. You can use it to promote your services and expertise as you establish yourself as a specialist. But more importantly, you can also use it to facilitate customer acquisition. Indeed, successful companies have chosen to offer free information online to hook users into a lead generation path. Sounds complex? Take a look at the positive King Kong SEO reviews to understand it further. The marketing agency produces free and informative content and uses a simple call-for-action at the end, such as a free appointment. But ultimately it’s the act of sharing knowledge that attracts leads.


Customers don’t spend a lot of time comparing companies. They want to find the best solution for their needs. Consequently, you need to make your business visible and noticeable to them, and that means that you need to differentiate your services or products. Think of Apple products, for instance. iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone, yet it has found buyers. Why so? Because Apple offers an innovative and sleek design that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s because an iPhone is not like any other phone that people buy it, and that’s the key to successful differentiation.


Your business continually needs to be reviewed and improved. Regarding strategic thinking, considering your longer-term goals can encourage you to create new departments to tackle objectives to come. It's also an essential assessment project of your core performance. Are things not running as smoothly as they should? Then you need to identify the issue and fix it to avoid threatening your business survival. Are things running better than expected? Identify what worked so you can reproduce the results. In short, a successful business is a matter of setting the focus on your area of expertise, so that you can leverage content to increase your customer base and differentiate yourself. And remember to keep improving your process.  Collaboration.