Advertising: Traditional Or Cyber?

Sometimes advertising is the last thing you want to think about when running your own business. There is a catalogue of mistakes you can make but forget about advertising is certainly one of them. If your competitors are advertising and you’re not, then right away you’re doing yourself a disservice. The trick is to not blow through lots of money going through a blanket approach but to really zone in on what kinds of advertising will be most effective for you and your business. You may be surprised, but in most cases, it’s a clear mixture of the two. Going for one over the other may make sense in some cases but always consider both. Let’s look at how some others attract their marketing strategy.


Social media is a tool worth investing in. Looking at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the first instance to set your business page up. You’ll then want to grow each account, you can use Instagram growth services to boost your presence as necessary. It may be you already have a personal social media account. There’s your platform to launch. You can reach each and every one of your friends and start to get your business out there. Social media covers people from all different backgrounds so it’s a safe bet. It can also be completely free if you’re willing to do the work yourself. The majority of people are on social media these days, don’t miss out.


If you’ve got your own website from which you sell most of your products or services, then you’ll want to get the website to appear quite high on search engines like Google and Bing. It isn’t easy, especially when you’re up against big competitors, but looking toward SEO agencies can help so long as you have the money to lay down. It’s almost unavoidable. A key is to ensure your website is full of quality content. Do this and you’ll start to get more hits. Another way is to solicit reviews. Get customers to review your content and put it on your website. In the same vain ask industry experts for their own opinion. You’ll be giving away your product for free but the publicity will be worth it (so long as they like it). They will likely publish a review in their own magazine or website, giving you some free advertising from a trusted individual.


It can still be a huge hit, especially if your business relies on the local area. Leaflets, posters, and word of mouth are all still supremely powerful. If you run a food business consider giving out free samples at events in your city or town. Take out ads in local papers. Does your city have any electronic billboards? Get in touch with the owner and see if you can get any space there. This, mixed with internet marketing makes for a fully advertised business in all spaces. Don’t go down one route without at least exploring what the other can do for you and your business. You may be pleasantly surprised. Collaboration.