5 Ways To Cull Your Home & Office Clutter

Got too much clutter in your home? Too much clutter could be making you stressed and agitated as well as making your home feel smaller and more difficult to clean. Here are a few ways to remove clutter and frees up more space.  


Many of us have valuable unused items in our home that could be sold for cash. There are all kinds of ways to sell this clutter. The first option could be to visit second-hand stores. There are used stores set up for everything from books to video games to clothes. Another option could be to sell them on a stall. You could attend a flea market or you could host a yard sale in front of your home. Auctions could be another option to consider.

These are a great option with rare or valuable items, where you could earn more than going to a store. Then, of course, there are second-hand sites like Preloved where you can sell your possessions to people over the internet. Some of these sites allow you to sell locally and arrange the item to be picked up, rather than having to deliver the item to the buyer.


Of course, you don’t have to get money for your items. Rather than taking your clutter to a second-hand store, you could donate it to a charity shop. Books meanwhile could be donated to schools and libraries, whilst unopened cans of food could be donated to the food bank. Alternatively, there may be a friend or relative who you can give your items to.


When it comes to possessions that you don’t want to part with, you could consider relocating them. Attics, garages and sheds are common dumping grounds for this type of clutter. For those that want the possessions off their premises completely, there’s always the options of storage companies like Jim’s Self Storage. You may have to pay for self-storage, but it could be worthwhile if you have nowhere to put this clutter in your home.  


A lot of possessions may be able to be sold for parts on sites like uSell. These include old electronics and furniture which can be broken down and recycled. This could be a lot better than simply disposing of these possessions as you can take pride in the fact that they’re not going to end up in a landfill site and that they’re going to be repurposed.


The final option is to simply throw your clutter in the garbage. This may not be the most economical or eco-friendly way of dealing with clutter, but it’s sometimes the easiest. If you’ve got a serious clutter problem, it could be worth hiring a skip and aiming to fill it. Not only does this give you an incentive to get rid of stuff, it prevents you from simply bagging up items in black plastic bags only to put them back in your attic. Contributed Content.