5 Top Steps To Improve Your Writing Productivity

Being a writer is fantastic, but improving your writing productivity it’s not always that easy.  Sometimes it may seem to you that you are just not focused enough on your work or that you lack inspiration.  Luckily, this is an issue which can be easily resolved.  Here is a five-step strategy for improving your productivity and giving your 100%.  Feel free to take a look and incorporate any necessary changes into your writing routine. Enjoy!


Sometimes all a writer needs is a change of scenery.  So, instead of forcing yourself to write in your home office every day, think about going outside for a change.  For instance, you can go to one of the nearby internet cafes or coffee shops.  You’ll get a chance to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and maybe even discover that other people can inspire you and add a breath of fresh air to your writing.  If you are worried that coffee may not be the healthiest option, think again! Recent studies are emerging to the health benefits of coffee. In case you get easily distracted by the noise, you can play some soothing instrumental music that will help you stay focused.  It’s common knowledge that nature has many positive effects on our mind, so if you believe in its healing powers, why not go to the park and write there?  You’ll probably find this experience super-relaxing and rejuvenating.


Another reason why you are not as productive as you wish you were is that you don’t set realistic goals and then you always feel as if you were letting yourself down.  So, instead of pushing yourself too hard and still not managing to achieve what you planned, start with more straightforward requirements.  For instance, don’t expect to be able to write eight or nine hours every day since two to three hours of productive work is a much more reasonable goal.  Additionally, it’s always advisable to keep track of how much you worked each day.

This way, you’ll be able to monitor your progress and discover on which days you were less productive and why so that you can deal with any potential issues.  Rewarding yourself is also crucial.  Thus, whenever you successfully finish a task, feel free to pamper yourself with a night out or a trip to the cinema.


Our surroundings can have a significant impact on our thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, you should see to it that your home office won’t harm your ability to work productively in any way.  First of all, you need to get rid of all the mess and keep your workstation de-cluttered all the time.  In other words, only the things that you use while working should be allowed on your desk.  Moreover, adding a few plants and a fantastic HEPA air purifier will help you turn your office into a much healthier place to work.  After all, you can’t expect to be entirely focused and immersed in your work if you don’t have enough oxygen and if you are always irritated by numerous allergens like dust mites and pollen.


A sound mind in a sound body is a saying that you should take seriously if you want to become a successful writer.  You can’t go far in the world if your body is not healthy enough to deal with all the pressure and stress that work often brings along.  So, don’t forget to be physically active as much as possible. You can either visit the gym, do exercises at home or try out super-fun alternative activities like trampolining or horse riding.  No matter what you opt for, it’s essential that you genuinely enjoy it and that it gives you enough motivation to work even harder.  Lastly, yoga is one of the most common choices among writers since, aside from providing you with physical training, it allows you to exercise your mind as well.


Last but not least, there is nothing more detrimental to a writer’s productivity than all the distractions of the modern era.  Or, to put it just, it’s high time you disconnected your devices from Wi-Fi and turned off your phone.  This may seem like an unnecessary step, but we guarantee you that you’ll notice a massive difference once you stop checking your phone for missed calls every few minutes and watching funny YouTube videos while working.  The same goes for your TV set which shouldn’t be anywhere near your workstation.  Even if you work better with background noise, listening to music is a much better idea than turning on your TV and risking stumbling upon your favourite TV show that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off.

You need to set your priorities straight, organise your work area and stay fit and healthy.  We wish you a lot of luck in your future career.

Author: Stella Van Lane, Sydney Writer & Home Design Consultant,  highstylife.com & smoothdecorator.com

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