5 Surprising Ways To Make Your Brand Memorable

It doesn’t matter whether your business sells computers, carpet cleaners, or anything else. What does matter is how your brand gets perceived by your target audience, and most importantly, how memorable your business is to them.

If you search online, you’ll come across a plethora of pages that tell you how to make your brand stand out from the crowd. However, they mostly give you the same kinds of information. What if there were some unusual marketing ideas that you could use?

The following surprising methods and tactics might seem strange, and maybe even a little unorthodox. But, they will work surprisingly well for your brand - irrespective of the products and services that it offers:

1. Custom air fresheners

These days it’s not uncommon for most people to own or have use of a vehicle. Many car owners like to keep the interior of their vehicles smelling fresh and inviting - even if they’re the only people that ever sit inside of them!

One intriguing way to make your brand memorable is with custom air fresheners. They’re just like “Little Trees” except they can have your business branding and contact details on them. You can browse online to see examples of what could work for your business.

2. Annoying musical jingles or songs

Whether brands use TV, radio, or the Internet to promote themselves, another way to make your brand more memorable is with some background music in ads. One of the strangest things about “annoying” music in ads is they tend to stick in a person’s memory.

You might think that annoying musical jingles or songs would put people off your brand. The interesting thing is, you experience the exact opposite reaction.

3. Tongue-in-cheek advertising

Have you ever noticed that formal advertising isn’t as memorable to you as tongue-in-cheek campaigns? Tongue-in-cheek campaigns that make light of something familiar to your target audience is always going to be remembered more than conventional ads.

Of course, it makes sense to keep such advertising in good taste. The last thing you want is for your customers to boycott your brand over tasteless marketing!

4. Conversational messages

Gone are the days where marketers thought the only way to market a brand was to be formal about its advertising. Nowadays, marketers have opened up to the idea that target audiences like brands that engage with them on their level.

Creativity and humour are the two key ingredients for a recipe to success when constructing conversational advertising messages.

5. Get your customers to promote your brand

One genius way of embedding your branding into the heads of your target audience is to make them promote your business! Again, creativity and humour are two elements that you’ll need for a successful outcome.

You could have your brand’s fans and followers do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to spread the word. Examples might include creative uses of your products or sing to others for the chance to win something valuable that you sell. Collaboration.