4 Ways Your Truck Can Make You Big Money

There may be money in a truck business.  In an era where the business climate is becoming increasingly digital, more people are doing business online.  It’s important to remember that there will always be a need to transport physical goods and commodities. Transportation is a huge business, even if the face of the business landscape is overwhelmingly digital. If you have bought a truck for your old job or a previous business that is now defunct, you may see it as a drain on your resources, or (quite literally) a waste of space.

You may be tempted to go here to sell it. But that truck could be a lucrative business. In fact, you may even find yourself visiting the same site to buy a couple more. Here are just a few of how owning or leasing a truck can make you money.


Let’s get evident out of the way. If you own your rig and have a long and storied career in professional driving, why not cut out the middleman and work for yourself as an owner/operator trucker. By bidding on and fulfilling contracts you can make a lucrative career as a third-party contractor, and if you prove yourself to be reliable and professional, you’ll have a steady stream of work coming in almost perpetually. You’ll have the freedom to work as much or as little as you want and plan your day according to your schedule while enjoying the freedom of the open road.


Although many different organisations rely on the moving of commodities across national and international borders to thrive, there’s a significant market in speciality transportation.  It means the transportation of goods of unusual size or weight or requiring specialised care.  Such as aircraft parts, modular houses or refrigerated perishables.  A few modifications could make your truck perfect to suit the needs of this market. You may have fewer clients, but due to the specialised nature of your business, you’ll be able to charge more.  Especially as you grow in experience and reputation.


Few industries are recession-proof.  Whatever the state of the national or local economy, people will always need to move house.  If you own a truck and have a little spare capital to invest, home removals could be lucrative for you. There are comparatively few overheads, and even marketing costs will be reasonably low, as most of your business will come your way by word of mouth.


If you’re from an agricultural background and have experience working with animals, you may be able to adapt your truck for livestock transportation. Although you may not need an exclusive license to transport livestock in your state or province, it behoves you to read up on the legalities of carrying live cargo especially if you’ll be crossing state lines. Collaboration.