10 Effective Content Solutions For Your Business

Engaging content is something every business requires these days. As a business owner, you may be interested in how you can create engaging content for your business or how we can create content for you.


Our content has to convert to leads and sales.  Our content needs to be appealing.  Blogging is a favourite way of driving traffic to your website, and for a good reason.  Once we have our blog content sorted we need to promote our blogs with compelling and engaging social media content.


Reaching your target audience is tricky.  Where is your audience hanging?  Which social media platform are they using?  First of all, let's work out exactly who your ideal client is?   For example, the health coaching arm of my gig is all about helping busy working mums who are time-poor but want to create delicious wholefood family meals.  My ideal client needs quick, simple and delicious meals to address their presenting health condition and feed their family.  I have created a visual and I also have a photo from a magazine of a 30 - 45 years old lady in a business suit holding the hand of her toddler.


Social media platforms are favourite places to reach your target audience.  Choose which platform works best for you and your business.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and Pinterest are all very popular.  I find Facebook gives me the most click-through rates to my blog closely followed by Instagram.  I am not on Snapchat, I don't work Pinterest but should be.  Twitter and LinkedIn are useful but I don't work those platforms to their max.  I am merely utilising the social media platforms which I enjoy and where my audience is hanging.  Social media is fantastic for building your brand awareness, but building brand awareness without using social media is another option.

Algorithms on Facebook and Instagram are changing at an alarming rate.  Facebook page engagement is down, and it won't be long before we see the same on Instagram.  I think the time has come to work on developing the SEO of your website and keep building your email list.  Develop the best strategy that fully voices your message and relates to your business goals and broader marketing objectives.


We all know every business requires professionally optimised and engaging content.  The big question most entrepreneurs have is "When will I have the time to create SEO content for my business?"  I have experience of owning a wide range of small creative businesses including a cafe, health coaching, farming, property development, personal training, yoga studio, winning health blog and catering.  I know how hard you are working!  That’s precisely why I have created a range of social media and blogging marketing solutions that I think will work for your small creative business

  1. Social Media Content, Management & Strategy

  2. SEO-optimized, Original and Well-Researched Blog Posts

  3. Proofreading Existing Blog Posts

  4. Copywriting

  5. Editing

  6. E-books

  7. Website Content

  8. Email Content

  9. Ghost Writing

  10. Magazine Articles

If you've got something else in mind and you don't see a content solution to fit your needs let's chat!  Excellent writing matters in your blog posts, magazine articles and social media posts.  Whether you have a seed of an idea or you wish to take your business to the next level, your content needs to be clear and results driven.  As an experienced blogger, I can help you communicate your ideas and deliver a carefully articulated voice for your band to your target audience.