Working From Home As A Fellow Working Mum

Working from home as a fellow working mum offering best freelance copywriter websites I am juggling my lovely family, work and such a fun life.  I’m so grateful for it!  Grateful!  I have three awesome kids, a gorgeous husband, a fun expanding business and a roof over our heads. What more could I ask?!  Well, nothing.  But you see I want it all!  Not in an out there ‘I’ve got it all’ kind of way.  My 'want it all' desire comes from feeling my very best, so I can soak up every second of my incredible little family and life.  I don't think my life is any better than anyone else's.  It is just incredible to me.  I choose to eat and live as healthy as possible because I know how cruel and short life can be.  And to be honest, I am terrified of any of us receiving a diagnosis.  You might notice that I never even use the' word. Instead, I prefer to use the term 'health condition'.

Juggling As A Working Mum

Juggling is challenging.  I'm not going to lie and say,  'I've got it all so sorted!'  With my kiddies, and most kids today, there is always something new on; things are always changing.  It's lucky I love change, but I need my yoga practice to cope with change.  We are all busy working hard, trying hard and playing hard.  But, there is no point doing any of it unless we are happy and healthy.  As a juggling working mum, I know how challenging getting all this health stuff happening is!  So much food!  So little time!  Sometimes feeding a family requires juggling different health requirements.  And that in its self is stressful.

Stressing Less

Creating a health and wellness treatment plan for clients with a specific health condition has to fit in with their lifestyle.  I am acutely aware of how stressful the transition to a new healthy diet and lifestyle can be.  I'm always working with solutions for stress, for myself and nearly 80% of my clients.  Living a fresh, healthy eating and lifestyle habits can sometimes be a massive job.  Once we have cleared up any presenting health concerns, we tailor a more balanced health plan.  More like a healthy lifestyle plan.

Managing stress is a big one for most of us, including me.  Yoga, working out and walking seem to work well for me, I would go mad if I didn't exercise.  I wear a Fitbit, so I get up and move during the day.  If it is not my Fitbit going off, it is my gorgeous dog Rosie telling me to take her for a walk.  I aim to get my 10,000 steps done every day.  Sometimes I slip in a jog on my treadmill to get those steps up and done.  I am a fan of fitness and yoga apps.  My favourites are Aaptiv and YogaGlo.  I have been practising yoga with YogaGlo for about ten years and Aaptiv only for the last six months, but I'm obsessed with both.  I'm an outdoor person by nature, so I have to work at tricking myself to sit at my desk all day.  I do stand up at my office as well which helps with the whole desk job thing.  How do you cope with working at a desk all day?

Keeping It Balanced

I am no angel,  I love a good glass of wine, but I try and keep it all balanced.  My kids will have treats and my gorgeous hubby, well I'm not going to get started!  No, he's healthy but would love steak, beer and veg for every meal.  I'm not neurotic about all this health food I'm just encouraging by having my kitchen full of deliciously nutritious unprocessed whole foods with the odd naughty treat here and there.  I'm also not going to be asking my kids to be exercising more or practising yoga or eating healthy food if I'm not doing it myself.  Working at my desk all day and loving my work means I am terrible at stopping, relaxing and eating lunch.  I have my lunch at my office which is awful for optimal digestion.  So I usually whizz up a smoothie for lunch.

It's Your Choice

You choose your life and moves you play.  It's all good so long as your choices are making you feel fabulous, like fantastically fabulous!  I work more hours during the week in my health business than I did with my cafe.  But without the stress.  I loved my cafe; it rocked seven days a week with a team of 12 other little rockers.  But it didn't help me feel my best, so I sold it.  A choice.  It's all a choice.

Working From Home

If you are rocking an online gig, how are you going with it all?  I struggle with the 'getting it out there' and making myself be known.  I'm not great; in fact, I'm useless at sales.  Social media works well for finding your audience and spreading the word of your business.  I find I resonate best with Instagram.  Each social media platform works better for different industries.  I love how social media helps me tap into businesses worldwide.  It makes my world such a smaller place.  I work from my office at home, which at times can be lonely.  I am grateful that social media helps me tap into other businesses online which relieves any loneliness.  Online business communities and groups are great for feeling 'with others' working from home or running a small business.  Calling into my local cafe for a yummy cappuccino and a chat is always a good start to my day in the office.  What do you do that relieves the loneliness of working from home?