Buying A Wardrobe Of Timeless Fashion Pieces

Timeless fashion is forever.  Trends come and go. They’re entertaining to follow and enjoy, but ultimately, a wardrobe that consists solely of contemporary pieces is a wardrobe that tends to be highly impractical. Once you’re standing in front of your closet in the morning and becoming increasingly frustrated because it takes you forever to put together a sensible outfit, you realise that it’s possible that you need an upgrade. But how do you create something that will always serve you well and help you be both fashionable and practical? How can we be a timelessly stylish woman rocking a best freelance copywriter websites who still looks good no matter where she goes? Well, we might have a few tips to help you out with that.

Evaluate What You Have

What are your go-to pieces? Not necessarily the items you have the most of, but those that you eagerly turn to, the ones that make you look and feel good. Similarly, you also need to figure out which items don’t work and end up sitting at the back of the closet, rarely worn. To develop a good style you need to examine your aesthetics and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t think only about what you have now, but things that you’d like to have in the future, think of celebrities and friends whose fashion choices you admire.

Make a Pinterest board and start adding things that look cute and that you think would fit your body shape. You will also need to write down a list of essentials that your wardrobe is missing: silk blouses, button-down shirts, leather bags, fitted blazers, the perfect pair of jeans, loose cardigans, Oxfords, black pumps, some of those elegant cocktail dresses from Australia, and other bits.

Throw Away Old Things

Now that you have an idea of what you need, it’s time to declutter. Let’s face it; your closet is probably chock-full of things that you don’t need and will never wear. Why let them take up valuable space and keep giving you the impression that you’ve got a lot more useful items that you do?

We recommend that you take old things out and try them all on. You’re bound to find pieces that you forgot you ever had, and more importantly, you’ll figure out what doesn’t work for you anymore and needs to be cleared out. Now, pack it all in bags and donate it.

Invest In Quality

Now it’s time to start building your perfect luxurious wardrobe! There’s no need to buy it all at once. In fact, it’s much better to invest in it piece by piece, making sure you’re getting quality things instead of buying shabby, imperfect stuff from clearance rack sales. Take a look at well-dressed men, for example. Rather than always going for the loud, trendy thing, fashion for guys is a lot more subtle and classic looking, and as such, they generally have an easier time picking out what to wear. It’s all about those simple button-down shirts, those surprisingly elegant and straightforward work bags; it’s about that simple good looks. Simple pieces utilised perfectly.

Female fashion is fun.  It’s also very much aimed at making us submit to every trend and micro-season that comes our way. Instead of that, we recommend that you invest in quality materials and classic items that never go out of style.

Make Sure That The Fit Is Perfect

The fit is where the magic happens. If you have trouble finding something that works well with your body shape, consider investing in a tailor. Wearing clothes that look lumpy or baggy, or that tug at weird places is a quick way to look cheap and unattractive.

There’s another thing you can pick up from male fashion here as well – have more suits. Something well-tailored is definitely worth an investment because, not only suitable for the office, but they’re a pretty spectacular thing to wear when you want to look hot and powerful. Just imagine yourself in a slim all-white suit, a silk blouse underneath, and a pair of gorgeous heels. Your confidence levels will soar.

Mix It Up

And lastly, filling your wardrobe up with timeless pieces and luxurious things doesn’t mean you have to stick only to those when you dress. Mixing it all up with colourful, trendy things is the key to style! Your basic black high-waisted pencil skirt can work both for the office, but it can also pair with a cute crop top, wedge heels, and some cute denim jacket for a fashionable look. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

With only a few beautiful, elegant pieces and some creativity to bring into the mix you can quickly level up your style game. Rely on familiar staples and enjoy the sleek simplicity can bring to your wardrobe.  Author:  Style & Beauty Blogger Sophia Smith, High Style Life