Superfood Spotlight: A - Z Of Nutritional Foods - Part 3

Superfood Spotlight: A – Z Of Nutritional Foods – Part 3

Nutritional superfoods are fantastic for optimal wellness and life as a freelance creative copywriter.  If we want to rock a healthy lifestyle, we need these foods on our plates.  Superfoods I love for keeping immunity firing.

C’s Of Superfoods

Cinnamon is a spicy, warm, fragrant bark that has the most potent antioxidant source found in nature.  It is also an abundant provider of fibre, calcium, and manganese. Cinnamon also has antimicrobial properties, helps balance blood sugar, and keeps blood platelets from sticking.

Coconut oil packed with medium chain triglycerides. Coconut oils saturated fats are right for you.  Boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, helping you lose weight, and accelerating energy levels.

Cucumber adds a refreshing flavour, and it is low in calories due to its fibre and water content. It is also a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium.

D’s Of Superfoods

Dates add a punch of sweetness with fewer calories than sugar. Dates are also rich in fibre, potassium, copper, and B vitamins.

F’s Of Superfoods

Flaxseed is rich in fibre, essential fatty acids, and protein. Many people choosing a plant-based lifestyle have begun switching to chia or hemp seeds in place of flaxseed due to the phytoestrogens in flaxseed that act within the body in a similar way to oestrogen and may lead to an imbalance in hormones.

G’s Of Superfoods

Ginger is the rhizome of a small herb plant.  It packs a lot of flavours. Gingerols, the active component in ginger, may have painkilling, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger can also reduce nausea caused by motion sickness or pregnancy and may relieve migraines.

Grapes rank low on the glycaemic index and have some massive duty antioxidants and phytonutrients that may improve kidney function, lower cholesterol, fight Alzheimer’s.  Grapes are also a good source of copper, iron, manganese, and vitamin C.

Goji Berry like many berries is high in antioxidants and carotenoids that may protect the eyes from degenerative diseases. Also rich in amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, fatty acids, and B vitamins.

H’s Of Superfoods

Honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.  It does contain fructose, so limit the amount you eat.  I find Manuka Honey useful for soothing a sore throat and cough.