Office Supplies That Should Go Further

Any business that has an office that has a whirlwind of activity will burn through office supplies almost weekly. It's the cost of doing business and being a freelance copywriter but it's not a cheap expense either. It has to be made but you don’t need to be wasteful, even if it's just everyday equipment you are buying. Think about what is mostly used in an office. Despite every modern business living and dying by emails, you still need to print reports and other things out on a weekly if not daily basis. You also need things like sticky notes, scissors, tape, pens, pencils, markers, white board pens, staplers, paper clips, binders, folders and so much more just to function everyday. You have to be vigilant of the things that are running out constantly because this is when standards begin to slip. If you run out of paper for example, you don’t want employees writing things on their hands for reminders or not being able to write on a white board when presenting.

Highlight Pens And Markers

For reports in the boardroom, everyone in the meeting will have some kind of marker pen. This is used to highlight key points in the report and make sure that when they open the report next time, they will instantly know the most important points. It helps everyone keep track of their roles and get to facts and statistics quickly. Therefore you need marker pens that will last long. Rather than using the broad tip highlighters you should use the thinner tips which are flexible. The reason why broad tip highlighters are so popular is because they cover large areas quickly. However they do tend to evaporate the ink inside quicker. The same goes for permanent markers. Use a tip that is thinner but is able to become broader when pushed down. This keeps the ink inside for a lot longer.

As Many As Needed

The most basic thing an office needs is a printer. Everyone from every department uses a printer for their work. The design department will need to print of draft sketches of products and use them in meetings to discuss dimensions etc. The marketing teams will print of consumer trend reports and the research and development teams will need to print of research papers and product analysis reports. So cheap printer ink that stretches almost as far as the most expensive brands is something your office needs to look into. If you’re not going to be printing off papers with high quality in mind, this is the best choice for your everyday printing requirements.

Thinner But Stickier

Sticky notes are some of the most widely used supplies in an office. They are used for writing notes, reminders, contact details and even motivational notes. However you should get sticky pads that use thinner paper so they whole wad can go much further. They can also be stronger sticking as they don’t have peel off overtime as easily.

No business should take its eye of the ball in the office. No employee should ever have to ask their boss for printing paper or basic supplies like highlighters and marker pens for their reports. Collaboration.