My Natural Flu Shot: Health Benefits Of Garlic And Onion

Many people seem to be getting their flu shot at this time of the year.  As a freelance creative copywriter I ensure that I start increasing whole foods into my diet to help boost my immunity.  Add garlic and onions to everything.  They are my daily natural flu shot.  We love them.  I buy garlic cloves already peeled and store in a jar topped with extra virgin olive oil.  The olive oil keeps the cloves for weeks in the refrigerator and saves hours of peeling garlic.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

A few of the health benefits of garlic may include:

  • Thins the blood, which may help prevent cardiovascular disease

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Enhances immune function

  • Relieves chronic bronchitis

  • Acts as an expectorant and decongestant

  • Stimulates the formation of glutathione, a potent detoxifier and antioxidant

  • A natural antibiotic

Health Benefits Of Onion

A few of the health benefits of onion may include:

  • Remedies for coughs, colds, flu, and ear infections.

  • Decrease catarrh (phlegm), inflammation.

  • Lower blood pressure.

  • Lower blood cholesterol.

  • Destroy bacteria, decreasing infections.

  • Relieve bronchial asthma.

  • Help neutralise chemicals from tobacco, processed foods, barbecued meats, etc

  • Cruciferous insoles - may help prevent breast cancer by inducing protective enzymes that deactivate estrogen.

  • Quercetin - anti-inflammatory. Quercetin is a flavonoid. Other fruits and vegetables are rich in quercetin include black and green tea and red wine.

Chicken, Onion And Garlic Soup

This chicken soup recipe is incredibly nourishing for your immune system.  Eating heaps of wholefoods which nourish your body is the primary focus of my health gig, and this recipe is such a winner for boosting your immunity.  It is delicious, light and comfortable on your digestive system and packed with protein and nutritional goodness.  Anyone with a cough, sore throat, cold or flu this one is for you every time. This soup is nourishing for anyone feeling run down or receiving from an operation or sickness.  


1 whole chicken - remove as much skin as possible

2 onion – roughly chopped;1 leek – roughly chopped

2 carrots – chopped;1 red capsicum – chopped

10 garlic cloves, crushed or left whole

1 red capsicum, chopped

Miso paste – 2 tablespoon, optional

Parsley – a handful – all the stalks can be left on herbs, remove the roots

Coriander – handful

Thyme – a small handful

Sage – a small handful

Lemongrass – 2 stalks

Ginger – 1 chunk

Turmeric – 1 big knob or 1 tablespoon powdered

Rock salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  Black pepper may help with absorption of turmeric.

Add 2 stalks of lemongrass for extra flavour.

Filtered water


Place all the above ingredients in a saucepan.

Cover with water and bring to the boil.

Simmer for 2 hours.

Remove the lemongrass stalks, the chunk of ginger and all the bones of the chicken.

Whizz all the soup ingredients in the blender to your desired consistency.