Kids Immunity Health Tips

Kids immunity is often at the forefront of a mother's mind.  Enduring a long winter with snuffly kids can be a struggle.  Sydney nutritionist and mother of three, Kim Holmes shares her immunity health tips with us. My favourite things to do is nourish my kid's little growing bodies and more so in winter.  No one likes a sick child, so have a read & hopefully take some healthy action! Myself as a freelance copywriter Australia was keen to read her tips.

Kids Immunity Boosting Nutrients

Vitamin A & Beta-carotene, C, D.  Iron and probiotics.

Where Do I Get These Nutrients For My Kids Immunity

Vitamin A & beta-carotene – found in orange coloured veggies, such as carrots, sweet potato, papaya and of course oranges.  Are great for the health of our mucous membranes in the body.

Vitamin C – again, oranges, but also berries, capsicum, broccoli and kiwi fruits to name a few.  A potent antioxidant as well as increasing cold & flu fighting white blood cells.

Vitamin D – a great vitamin.  Vitamin D can be deficient in children in winter, due to lack of sun or being inside.  Get outdoors on sunny winter days and enjoy eggs, milk and oily fish. Vitamin D is essential in warding off illnesses.

Think Zinc! Excellent for the immune system – enjoy seafood, pumpkins seeds and organic meats

Probiotics – a healthy digestive system provides the basis for a good immune system.  Enjoy natural full-fat yoghurts, kefir milk/ yoghurts and fermented foods such as miso & tempeh.

Garlic – excellent for colds.

My Immunity Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Health In Great Shape This Winter

Roast sweet potato with dinner – why not dry adding a few pieces of roasted garlic into it!

Salmon patties made with sweet potato & grated vegetables

Go green!  Yes, green smoothies are all the rage, and so they should be.  Adding kale, spinach, avocado & kiwi to banana and water (to name a few) allows the body to absorb all the fantastic immune-boosting properties of green vegetables readily.

Get out in the sunshine for extra vitamin D

Avoid sugar, one of my top rules!.  Sugar feeds illnesses and depletes the white blood cells that are the basis for the immune system

I like to supplement my kids with proper quality nutrients to ensure they’re replete & ready for the bugs! A good probiotic, fish oil (with A &D) and zinc, then you are on your way (cool for parents too!)

If there is lots of mucus, avoid foods that can make this worse (just for that time); such as dairy, bananas & eggs (re-introduce these after as they are all highly nutritious)

Drink lots of water to wash nasties away

And keep those little hands clean! Cleanliness is the key; a tea tree nasal spray is excellent

Remember, your children are so precious.  Keep them as healthy as you can in winter, at preschool and on holidays and you’re on the right track!

Author: Kim Holmes is a mother, a wife, Nutritionist and healthy food lover!  Having completed a degree in Health Science, a diploma in Nutritional Medicine and most recently, a certificate in Paediatric Nutrition, there’s no hiding my passion for healthy food & well-being.  My education and experience have led me to dedicate my life to spreading the good word among family and friends.  I believe through education and a little planning; your health can improve, the results are beautiful!  Say hi at I am so excited to be sharing my passion.