How To Rock Your Home Business

Your home business as a freelance creative copywriter gives you all its advantages and disadvantages of working from home.  I have been working from home for a fair few years.  Most businesses operated from home require an online presence.  Your online presence is like your shop front; it needs to be professional and attractive to your target market.  There are many tools beneficial for managing your online business from home.  Some of my favourites include;  Yoast, Grammarly, Google Calendar, Wordpress, Zoom and MailChimp.


Grammarly corrects your grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. It helps improve your writing skills, business proposals, and emails. The free version offers sufficient features, but there is also a paid version. I love Grammarly.


Working from home and starting an online business I had no idea what SEO was.  SEO stands for search engine optimisation.  All of your online content needs to be optimised for search engines to find you on Google. Maximizing your content for SEO helps you rank well with Google.  Mastering how to keep Google happy is challenging.  Yoast is a plugin on my WordPress website that helps out with all the SEO requirements.  This plugin is an absolute must for all online businesses, especially bloggers.

Google Calendar

Meetings, deadlines, coaching, calls, appointments, family commitments and travel all happens on our Google calendar.  Our whole team can see what's happening.  All my work commitments get colour coded so only I see it, and all our family arrangements coded in our family.  It’s my busy working mums saviour!  Stress at work seems to minimise with the streamline organisation Google calendar gives me.


I’m no whizz kid at computers but somehow I have seemed to work my way around WordPress.


Working from home can at times be lonely.  Zoom is fantastic for communicating with a group of people from anywhere in the world.  Video conferencing, web conferencing, coaching and consultations can be easily managed online with Zoom.  Allowing your work from home to open up and access anyone from around the world.  Also as an online business expands you many like to outsource some work or take on new members.  Zoom allows you to work closely with remote colleagues.


An email marketing software (EMS) that gives you some easy designing, sending and saving templates of your emails.  Allows you to create e-newsletters and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

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