How To Make Your Freelance Copywriting Service More Professional

You can make a very good career out of being a freelance copywriter. The main issue is that it’s hard to get your foot in the door. It’s hard to try and find your first few clients because more established copywriters are lapping them all up.

As soon as you start getting clients and establishing a customer base, you begin to see repeat business - and recommendations from your clients help you find new ones as well. So, what’s the secret to getting off on the right foot?

Well, one thing you should focus on is the way you brand your service. Try and push your copywriting service as something professional and genuine. People trust professionalism, and here are a few ideas to help you improve the professional image of your freelance copywriting service:

Get A Proper Website

You’ve got to start everything off with a suitable website. Some of you may already have one so you can tick this off your list. If that’s the case, then focus more on analyzing your site to see if it’s as professional as can be. For those of you without one, well, you’re lagging behind. A website is like your digital office; it’s where people go to find out more about your service and see what you can do. A freelance writer with a website looks far more professional and trustworthy than one without one. There’s a good article on that gives a list of the top website builders to use in 2019. Feel free to check it out if you’re looking to build a new site.

Use A Virtual Address

A virtual dress is a handy tool for businesses and freelancers alike. Essentially, it gives you a proper business address in a prime location. You can see on that a virtual address gives you a professional appearance and makes it seem like you’re based amongst other businesses in a well-known place. The image you convey is immediately more impressive than if you list your home address as the main point of contact. Instead of looking like one person on their own, you look like a proper company!

Build A Portfolio

All freelance copywriters need to have a portfolio that you can show to potential clients. It gives them an insight into your work, and it’s such a great way of proving your professionalism. They can see what you’re capable of and see how professional and exceptional your writing is. Now, if you’ve not had any previous clients, then an excellent way to build your portfolio is by doing work for free. Look around, and you can find companies or blogs that are willing to let you produce content for them free of charge. Alternatively, start your own blog and post content there. Either way, you can build a portfolio of fantastic content to show potential customers.

People are far more skeptical of random individuals than they are of professional businesses. Therefore, if you want to make a name for yourself in the copywriting world, you have to brand your service as professionally as possible.