How I'm Balancing My Body With An AjnaMat

Balancing my body in our fast-paced world can at times be challenging.  It is an ongoing commitment towards feeling fantastic and of course optimal health while working in your office all day, every day as a health copywriter.  I find yoga, nourishing food, a good laugh and working out in the gym balances my mind, body and soul.  However, there are many other ways of balancing your body.  After going through the agonising experience of breaking my back twice, I have tried an endless stream of therapies.  Today I am grateful to be pain-free.  As well as my overall health, I am continually working on the strength and health of my back, so I'm thrilled to have a very stylish acupressure mat that is helping enormously!

Have You Tried Acupressure 

Acupressure is a therapy which applies focused pressure to specific points on the body.  This pressure may release stagnant energy pathways.   Many find this therapy great for pain and stress relief, anxiety, depression and boosting the immune system.

How An Ajnamat Has Improved Working At My Desk

At work, I alternate standing and sitting at my desk.  I have put my therapeutic Ajnamat on my chair.  While resting the Ajnamat is increasing blood flow through acupressure, which helps nearly every aspect of my health including skin elasticity, tone and may help the toxic buildup (from sitting too long at my desk) that causes cellulite.  Standing barefoot on my Ajnamat revives my legs from my morning workout.

Benefits Of An Ajnamat

The Ajnamat has over 5000 specially designed spikes that may activate the body’s natural healing response, relieve tension, and unblock stagnant energy pathways.

Ajnamats are designed by sisters Gemma and Georgie.  They have created each mat using high quality, eco-friendly materials, from the luxurious linen and cotton cover, to the ABS plastic safe spikes, all the way to the antibacterial coconut fibre filling.

How I Use My Ajnamat

Lie on it after a workout to relieve muscle tension.

Lie on it before bed which improves the quality of my sleep.

Sit and stand on it at work to stimulate endorphins, improve mood and re-energise my body.

Practise some yoga poses on it to enhance the elimination of stress from my body.

Sit on it while driving to increase blood circulation and help eliminate cellulite!

Take with me everywhere I go in its groovy linen and cotton carry bag.  Next time I fly back to England I am taking it on the plane with me!

Ajna Wellbeing - Why I Love Them

My gorgeous new AjnaMat I found at Ajna Wellbeing.  Ajna Wellbeing is passionate about creating holistic health products.  Their lovingly created wellness products are eco-friendly, beautifully designed, and sourced from the highest quality natural materials.  I also love their supplements which have been clinically-proven as safe via multiple clinical trials.  I can’t wait to practise yoga on their organic jute yoga mat; it looks as stylishly healing as their Ajnamat.

Paid collaboration, but as always I'm only sharing with you what I love!  Click here to check Ajna Wellbeing out.  Hope you enjoy their aesthetically striking products as much as we do!