How Coffee Affects Your Productivity As A Writer

Productivity is the essence of all successful freelance writers and business owners.  How every freelance creative copywriter boosts their productivity varies enormously.  Creating a light and airy office is an excellent place to start.  Crisp white walls, clean desks, fresh air filtering through and as much natural light as possible.  Add a variety of big green plants.  Low maintenance plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, Zanzibar gem, peace lily, bamboo palm and yucca will give your office an instant lift.

How Coffee Helps Your Productivity

Coffee has its good and bad reviews. Latest studies are showing that maybe that extra cup of coffee isn’t such a bad idea after all. I love my morning caffeine hit.  The second cup of coffee may sneak in every so often, but rarely a third.  Most of us love our daily shot.  One of the reasons I had my gorgeous little cafe was because I gained so much enjoyment from seeing our lovely locals light up after their regular coffee.  I also loved making a vast array of coffees.  How I loved being a barista is another article all to itself, so to keep to the point of this article, I do find coffee boosts my productivity, energy, sociability and writing.   If ever I hit a ‘writer's block’ caffeine has always helped me.  It is because of coffee I haven’t lost any time wondering what to write.

How I Start My Day At My Desk

I boost my productivity at my desk because I have a MyEspresso One Capsule Machine from Segafredo Zanetti.  I love that I don’t have to pop out of my office, queue up and wait for my coffee.  As much as I love going to our local cafe, it does take time.  Those 'caffeine trips' can end up taking a large chunk out of my hours in the office.  Having a short break from my desk to make a coffee from my very convenient pod machine is enough to spark my energy and creativity.

Starting my day at my desk always begins with a freshly made coffee and some upbeat tunes from Spotify.  If I’m off working in a co-working space, I start the same way, but I always put my earphones on.  So unsociable I know.  All co-working spaces have an area to collaborate and a shared kitchen so if networking is one of the reasons you are hiring a desk there is plenty of opportunities to do so.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is the most consumed stimulating substance in the world.  Once you drink your coffee, it moves into your bloodstream, flows to your brain and boosts vitality.  Caffeine causes most of its biological effects by antagonising all types of adenosine receptors.  Other benefits of caffeine include.

  • Improved Emotional State

  • Higher Level Of Awareness

  • Enhanced Reaction Speeds

  • Increased Memory Capacity

  • Speeds Up Your Metabolism

  • Aids Weight Loss

  • Lowers Your Risk Of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cardiovascular disease, depression & type two diabetes

  • Excellent Source Of Antioxidants & Nutrients

With coffee as with most things, there is not a ‘one fits all’.  I find drinking caffeine past one or two o’clock negatively affects my sleep.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can drink a cup of coffee just before bedtime.  I need to enjoy my cappuccino before lunchtime, and then I’m a green tea kind of girl.

Most of us will agree that coffee helps with networking.  Many suggest that even holding a cup of coffee enhances our desire to communicate and engage in social engagements.  Which as a freelance writer, you are socially engaging with your written words.  That’s precisely how coffee can help you.