How Cleansing Boosts My Energy

Cleansing your body may be the key to optimal wellness.  Many health experts consider regular cleansing programs essential for vitality and transforming the way you look, feel and function.  Many health experts and as a health copywriter myself, suggest to restore our digestive system with a cleanse every so often.  Among other things, I find cleansing boosts my energy. For some cleansing is not an easy task.  Balancing those blood sugar levels and maintaining your energy can be challenging.  Toxicity is associated with a vast array of health conditions.  I do think it is a good idea to get cleansing on a regular basis.  Our bodies are superheroes at dealing with all the toxins we face in our world today.  I try to support my liver, as often as I can, so it can do its job optimally and effectively.  So, what can we do to keep our liver working at its best?  Among other things, we can cleanse.  Here are a few things that happen to me after cleansing.

How Cleansing Enhances My Health

Energy boosting.

Weight loss.

Deeper and more refreshing sleep.

Improved digestion.

Calm, centred, and focused.

Mental clarity and a broader sense of appreciation for everything.

Lifestyle Tips To Support You During A Cleanse

Move your body for at least thirty minutes every day to support lymphatic function.

Practice yoga, deep breathing, meditation or any other form of relaxation you love.

Drink two to three litres per day of filtered water daily.

Detoxify your environment - minimise the use of chemical cleaners, antiperspirants, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, paints, solvents, plastics and hair sprays.

Limit toxic emotions and stress – consciously strive for a positive attitude and practice yoga, tai chi or meditation.

Skin brushing – to ensure one of your principal elimination organs is functioning effectively.

Scrub your body with coffee granules.  Mix with coconut oil and your favourite essential oil.

Reward yourself – with massage, spa treatment or something that makes you feel lovely.

Why Cleansing Is A Good Idea

I eat well, and my whole gig is whole foods.  Anything from a packet or anything containing artificial flavouring doesn't interest me. I sit at my desk all day, which many say is unhealthy.  Superfoods, green veggies and good quality lean protein I love!  Most of the time my food choices are based on how nourishing the food will be for my body.  I have tried many different cleansing programs.  They don't have to be expensive.  Following Dr Axe Bone Broth Fast I find is as valid as any.  Whether you follow this cleanse or merely incorporate bone broth into your diet regularly your gut will thank you for it.  Bone broth is fantastic for gut health, and good gut health is essential for proper digestion, robust immune system, vitality and glowing skin.

Acidity and Inflammation

Acidity and inflammation are favourite topics. Mediocre food, lifestyle and environment choices are factors for creating a toxic environment within our body. Toxicity creates inflammation, which results in reduced body functioning. Toxicity presents symptoms including; fatigue, sluggishness, poor sleep quality, decreased ability to cope with stress, lack of concentration, constipation, pain, stiffness and weight gain.

Eating good food is number one, effective elimination is number two.  Studies are showing incredible figures on the decrease in the mineral content of the vegetables we eat today.  Eating organic is an excellent solution.  Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a natural diet.  I do believe, as many others do, you can’t put a price on health, but the decision to not go organic is one many people continue to make.  As much as I would love to feed my family of five a 100% natural diet, I can't afford it.  We do choose good quality food and wash all our fruit and vegetables in a sink full of water and vinegar to help reduce the chemical load.

Cleansing is not for everyone.  You need to consult your healthcare practitioner before doing any detox or cleanse.