Highly Effective Weight Loss Tips Which Seem To Work For Me

Weight loss can be tough for some of us.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight management.  As we all know, to achieve our weight loss goals we need to increase our daily movement and lower our daily calorie intake.  Working at my desk all day as a freelance creative copywriter I do find it challenging moving my body enough each day. It works for most of us, but some of us hit a weight loss plateau, which can at times be impossible to move past.  Here are a few tips which I find help me lose weight and push past a weight loss plateau.

Increase Your Daily Movement For Weight Loss

I am always trying to increase and add variety to my daily movement.  Jogging, walking, yoga and resistance training is what I'm really into at the moment.  I can tend to be lazy, so I find my Fitbit keeps me moving.  Ten thousand steps are my daily target. A report the other day came out saying that there is no scientific proof that we need to take 10,000 steps a day.  I don't need any scientific evidence on this one.  I know my body loves moving for at least 10,000 steps every day.  As an office worker, my Fitbit does make me get up and move.  I find that getting up, leaving my desk and going for a short walk every hour does improve my productivity and level of work.

Address Blood Sugar Levels

Balance blood sugar levels for weight loss, vitality and healthy ageing.  My ebook Wellness From Your Plate goes into further detail of blood sugar levels.  Food choices can have a remarkable impact on keeping your blood sugar levels balanced.  Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Not only does breakfast kickstart your digestion and metabolism, but you’ll also be less likely to experience cravings and overeat.  Breakfast helps with balancing blood sugar levels.  Eat healthy snacks between meals to prevent hunger pangs.

Increase Fibre For Weight Loss

Fibre (both soluble and insoluble), releases a hormone which signals satiety. Foods high in fibre take longer to chew, slowing down glucose absorption and the rate of digestion. It keeps blood sugar levels more consistent and wards off hunger pangs.  Foods rich in fibre include low fructose fruit, whole grains, legumes and vegetables.  Chia seeds are perfect for weight loss.  My freezer is always full of frozen mixed berries which are low fructose and delicious added to a glass of iced water with a slice of lime.

Include Protein Throughout The Day

Enjoy small amounts of the very best quality protein throughout the day.  Including protein is associated with more successful weight management. Protein slows down the rate at which the stomach empties and the speed at which food reaches the bloodstream. Adding a source of protein to each meal helps keep hunger pangs at bay.  Foods rich in protein; poultry, nuts and seeds, lean meat, fish, legumes, beans and protein powders.

Eat Foods With A High Water Content

Foods with high water content, generally have a low energy density.  It means that they contain a low-calorie content for their weight. Selecting foods with a low energy density throughout the day is an effective way of remaining satisfied, without overindulging.  Soups and broths, melon, green leafy vegetables, apple and cucumber.   Drinking at least 2 litres of water every day is always required.  I drink herbal teas to add variety to my daily water intake.

Alkalize Your Body

Alkalising nutrition, I think it is essential for every health condition, especially weight loss.

Add Variety To Your Daily Exercise

Daily exercise daily is essential for optimal wellness.  If weight loss is one of your goals, you may need to look at challenging yourself a bit more.  Add variety to your daily exercise.  Add a balance of cardio and resistance training to your workouts.  A personal training session is excellent for addressing any weight loss plateaux and for achieving specific goals.  Due to my tight schedule, I love an online app called Aaptiv.  Personal trainers, music, purposes, times and type of workouts.  Click the image to check Aaptiv out.  You might love it as well.  I think it is free for the first month.

Lifestyle Considerations

Practice a stress management technique daily.  Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Not only does breakfast kickstart your digestion and metabolism, but you’ll also be less likely to experience cravings and overeat.  Eat healthy snacks between meals to prevent hunger pangs. Exercise is healthy for our bodies.  Among other things it raises the ‘feel good’ hormones and burns calories.

Food Allergies

Find out if your body is allergic or has an intolerance to any foods and remove them from your diet.  Eating foods which you have an intolerance or allergy to may have a direct impact on your weight.  It is crucial that you keep your gut healthy. Your gut health plays a pivotal role in weight loss.