Healthier Sweetness You Need To Know About

The healthier sweetness that isn't sugar, what can I use?  As a health copywriter I get asked this question a lot.  Removing sugar from your diet is a great thing to do.  But sugar is highly addictive.  It is not easy going cold turkey on eliminating sugar from your diet.  Sneaking some alternatives in is a great help in the short term.  Longterm, it's all about removing fructose.  It's the fructose content of sweeteners that does the damage. Don’t be afraid of sugar, be smart about it.  Our bodies require small amounts of sugar to benefit daily functioning and for athletic performance.  If you are always craving sugar, you might enjoy reading how to remove sugar cravings now.

Sugar Alternatives


Has usually been highly processed and contains a high fructose content.  It is low GI (glycemic index) which is good.  However, I’m not a fan of agave syrup.

Maple Syrup

Is generally lower in calories and fructose than honey and has a lower GI rating.


Raw honey, I love because it contains vitamin B6 and C.  Manuka honey has additional antibacterial benefits if used naturally.  However it does have a fructose content, it is still sugar.  Some cheaper honey may contain HFCS or glucose syrup.

Rice Malt Syrup

Also called brown rice syrup it looks and sounds natural but is highly processed, contains little regarding nutritional value and has a high GI index so will significantly affect your blood sugar.

Fruit Purees

Natural sugar from fruit is healthy.  The best natural sweetener.  Use fruit that has a low fructose content like berries.

Even if one doesn't have a sweet tooth, there are sometimes those days when we all crave something sweet.  My favourite sweeteners are blueberries and homemade muesli.  I also like having a batch of Raw Cacao Chia Seed Bliss Bar in the fridge for those pesky 3 pm snack cravings.

Raw Cacao Chia Seed Bliss Bar


1 cup dates

2 cups cashew nuts

1 cup pecan

2 tbs coconut oil

5 tbsp cacao

5 tbs chia seeds

1 cup goji berries


Mix all the ingredients in your food processor.

Press the mixture into a lined baking tray.

Put in the fridge for a few hours before eating.

Nutritional Benefits

It is an excellent recipe for up styling the taste of these real foods.  It is a unique way of keeping energy up throughout the day and for balancing blood sugar levels.  I am always trying to sneak cacao and chia seeds into everything.

Afternoon snacks can be one of my weaknesses if I haven’t balanced my blood sugars throughout the day. An excellent energising breakfast and eating small amounts of quality protein throughout the day helps stabilise blood sugar levels.

Soaking nuts overnight activates their nutritional enzymes.  If you prefer your bliss balls smoother, keep whizzing away for a bit longer.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), which is a type of fat that behaves differently from other fats.  MCFA fats are great for weight loss.  These healthy fats are absorbed straight into the cell where they are immediately burned up as energy.  It makes them less likely to be stored as fat.  MFCA fats contain high levels of lauric acid, which help strengthen the immune system.  I love cooking with coconut oil.  It won’t turn into harmful trans-fats when heated at higher temps.