Health And Wellness Content For Your Business

Health and wellness content which is engaging for your target audience is everything! Our health and wellness industry is a highly competitive market.  To stand out from the crowd, you need consistent and engaging content with a unique voice that your audience loves.I know exactly how hard you are working!  You love what you do, but your voice isn’t engaging with your audience.  You need SEO content to drive traffic, achieve business results and build a loyal community, but you don’t have enough time in the day to write content.  That’s where I as a health copywriter come in!

Engaging Content For Your Business

Engaging content is something every business requires.  We need to reach your target audience with compelling and engaging content.  Excellent writing matters in your blog posts, magazine articles and social media posts.  Whether you have a seed of an idea or you wish to take your business to the next level, your content needs to be clear and results driven.  As a fully qualified naturopath and an experienced health and wellness writer, I have beavered away for over three years. Learning and implementing the blogging tricks of the trade and nailing a few blogging awards along the way.  Consistently posting daily on all your social media channels is a fantastic marketing tool for engaging your audience. But, the buck doesn’t stop there. I have found that the real magic happens on your blog. Your blog can showcase your gig at such a deeper level.  

Who Is Your Audience

People can sit checking you out online for years before they commit to working with you. Other people like to flick over everything you have to offer, get your vibe, ask a few questions and determine within an hour of checking you out. So how do we create content to engage with both these types of people?  It’s tricky! First, we need to know how to flow past that writer’s block blip that can raise its head at any time. Then we need to create content specifically for your target audience, and then, if that’s not enough to contend with, we need to optimise your content to keep Mr Google happy (SEO).  Blogging isn’t for the fainthearted.

You may feel like completely offloading this big chunk of work so you can focus on other parts of your business.  I can help you create blog content and a blogging strategy which communicates your ideas. Together we can develop a carefully articulated voice for your band to shine and reach your target audience.

How To Capture Your Audience

Do you need an engaging blog to capture the attention of your customers?   Yes, of course, you do!  To reach and ultimately achieve your audience, your content must be search engine optimisation.  SEO is a massive part of your content strategy. Increasing your rank on search engines like Google is essential for every online business.  

Content on your website and blog must be for SEO.  It is also a business tool to draw potential clients in and to rank higher on Google so people can find my business. A resource is full of tips and tricks to inspire and motivate a healthier lifestyle.

Health And Wellness Content For Your Business

Whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced entrepreneur, you know the challenges that come with consistently creating content.  I can write any number of communications that your business might need. And, if you need a new WordPress website designed, I can do that for you as well.  Here are some of the copywriting services I offer:







Magazine Articles

Refreshing Content

Social media (and that includes blogs) is the place to be to reach your target audience.  I can update articles, correct formatting issues, fix broken links, and optimise for the search engines and social shares.  Google now rewards content based on its freshness.  It means content that is frequently updated is far more likely to appear higher in the search results. So I recommend that you continually update and refresh existing content for maximum exposure.

Why Am I Creating Content For Your Business

I have my health and wellness business and blog, wouldn’t that be keeping me busy enough?  If I’m creating content that is attracting new clients inevitably, I won’t have enough time to be writing about your health and wellness business?  I hear you asking these questions and probably many more. So what am I doing?!  I’m merely following my heart and doing what I love doing. Sure I love health coaching but to be honest my blog offers me so much more pleasure and satisfaction from the how it has developed and how it has helped peoples health.  I love blogging. I am continually staggered by how my blog and social media channels have helped my business. But it has not been an easy path! I see so many other people where I was years ago, and that’s where I would ultimately like to be helping people.

Why Work With Me?

Owning your own business can be a tough gig.  I know this first hand. I draw on my experience of owning a wide range of small creative companies.  As award-winning health and wellness blogger and naturopath, I’ve been writing about holistic nutrition, natural health, fitness and yoga for over three years.  My work is on favourite sites including; Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Ajna Wellbeing, Kids On The Coast, Mouths of Mums and Well Being Business.

I live and breathe health and wellness. In fact, when I’m not working away in my wellness business, you’ll find me practising yoga, walking, jogging or messing around in my kitchen.  I’m not a complete health nut! I equally love my cappuccinos, a good glass of wine and dancing the night away.

Let’s chat about how I can you develop the best strategy that fully voices your message and relates to your business goals and broader marketing objectives.