Five Ways to Make Your Office a Safe Haven for Employees

Make your freelance copywriter Australia office a haven as a responsible employer; you need to focus on your workers’ health and wellbeing more than ever before. You should not only focus on regulations and compliance but work with your employers.  Create an environment they feel comfortable in and can call a second home. Below you will find a few tips on how to create an office atmosphere that is welcoming and pleasant for you and your employees.

Get The Lighting and Heating Right

You need to make sure that the lighting and heating are right for your employees, and they feel comfortable. If they have to stay in jumpers all winter, or it is too hot in the summer, you might want to invest in an upgrade of your electrical and HVAC system. It is a good idea to talk to contractors and your employees to get the balance right and make the temperature and lighting adjustable. Check out for more information on lighting and electrical improvements.

Offer Flexible Working and Chillout Areas

You can get more done when you are ready for work, not stressed, or tired. Your employees’ performance is likely to improve if they can take out flexible working contracts and turn up when they feel like they can provide you with the best quality possible. Likewise, office workers could benefit from a chillout area where they can share a cake they baked, or play a game of air hockey on their lunch break.

Encourage Feedback and Collaboration

To manage workplace stress, make your office a haven and prevent friction, you might want to seek feedback from all employees. Have a suggestion box on your desk or in the corridor.  Great for your workers to provide you with valuable information on how you are doing and how you can make the office better.

Keep Your Door Open

Real bosses have their office door open. Make sure you don’t build a hierarchy at work and make it clear that you are interested in suggestions. The sooner you know about the problems your employees are facing at work, the better you can address their issues. You should not separate yourself from the rest of the people by glass walls. Having an open door policy at work will encourage discourse and collaboration.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

To serve your employees’ needs better, introduce healthy rewards.  Subscribe to a local grocery store’s services to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables every day.  Encourage car sharing and cycling to work.  Install bike racks to make it easier for your employees to take on the new healthy habit. Offer a discounted gym membership for all workers, and get involved in walks for charity.

Building a healthy and friendly atmosphere at work is one of the most challenging tasks of managers. Talk to your employees about their preferences, and encourage projects that improve their work-life balance, health, and wellbeing.  Create an open communication strategy, and set up suggestion boxes. Get rid of all traces of hierarchy, so your employees feel like a part of a family when turning up for work. Collaboration.