Essential Zen Business Ideas That Help Ensure Success

Adopting a Zen business style might not have been the first thing you thought of when you began your entrepreneurial adventure. But no one wants or likes stress, do they, and that definitely wasn’t the plan when you escaped the 9-5 lifestyle.

Why Would You Want To Run A Stressful Business?

The answer is, of course, that you wouldn’t, but somehow it can just turn out that way - not by design, but by circumstances.  You thought it was going to be exciting to run your own business. didn’t you, but you’re now feeling bogged down with paperwork and burnt out.

Whatever you’re facing that’s making you anxious, you’ll find there’s a solution within the basic Zen principles.  The first one we’re going to mention might be a bit surprising, but bear with us and see if it provides something to think about.

Are You Building Your Own Prisons?

You might find that an odd question but it’s definitely worth pondering on – what are you doing that might be self-defeating?  If you need to prioritise important tasks, for example, but you’re always behind with administration, what can you do to break this destructive cycle?

One thing you could look at is whether you’re really getting organised or if you need to delegate tasks and find better solutions. Are you maybe entrapping yourself by not accepting that something’s wrong with the current situation?

Let’s Get Organised

Another Zen principle is to try to have a clear mind - and there’s no way you can do that if you’re surrounded with clutter. So let’s have a look at what you can do to really get organised at your desk - or in whatever area you currently use as an office space.

The importance of good space to work in

It might sound straightforward but you need to make your physical space bright and functional - and even give it a bit of feng shui. That’s all about creating calm and being able to see a clear way through the things that surround you.

Why not add a few plants into your office space too, to help make a positive atmosphere - and work somewhere with a good source of daylight whenever you can.

Get rid of as much clutter as possible

To help declutter your environment, make sure everything has its place, even if that place is perhaps in a pile of papers.  If you understand your own system that’s a great starting point - just try to keep at least part of your desk clear.

Don’t let paperwork frazzle you

If you feel like you’re drowning under reams of paperwork, as an entrepreneur, you’re not alone at all - trust us.

In a recent study, small business owners reported that they spend 1-3 hours every working day on administrative tasks. And nearly half of the people who responded felt like they had to work out of hours to get everything done. And that’s not at all conducive to a zen business lifestyle that’s all about balance - so it needs addressing.

Paperwork may be an unavoidable part of running your company, but a well-organised system can save you a lot of hassle, especially if you need to find something fast.

Here are our top tips for organising your paperwork, so you can lay hands on any document you want, when you need to:

Identify what you need to keep

One thing that’s sure to make you lose any kind of cool and calm outlook is being behind with your finance and taxes. So make sure you keep on top of that by at least keeping good records of the following key items:

  • Invoices

  • Bank statements

  • Bills

  • Expense receipts

  • Tax documents

If you held all of those documents in paper format it would take up a lot of space, we understand, so definitely consider digitising them, it’s much more efficient.

Scan your documents and store them securely

All you need to do is invest in an inexpensive scanner, and then store your documents somewhere securely. It’s a good idea to keep at least one copy of everything in secure offsite storage, for example on a cloud storage service like Google Drive.

Keep your filing straightforward and simple

The key to a zen lifestyle is not making anything unnecessarily complicated - so just make sure you develop a system you understand and that works. Start out by using the key items we’ve listed above for each year – then build from there if you need anything more detailed.

Then try to keep on top of your filing at least once a week - it’ll pay off in spades and free up more of your time to live in the ‘now’.

Are You Sure You’re Making The Most Of Technology?

A great idea to help you keep calm and in control is to make sure you’re not making your own system overloaded. So do some research on the best tools and software solutions that are out there to help you.

Some key ideas to try as set out below – once you get things more streamlined you’ll feel more at ease.

  • Accounting software. this can help save you time and money, offers valuable insight and makes your financial transactions more efficient

  • Analytics – if you’ve got your own website, analytics tools, like Google’s,are a great way to get invaluable customer insight.

  • Social media sharing tools – why not investigate the latest tools, including Edgar – they save you precious time when scheduling posts.

  • Project management tools like Asana can help you keep up with deadlines and organise everything in one place.

  • Online calendars keep you organised more effectively and even offer you smart suggestions on when, where, and how your meetings can take place.

We hope we’ve given you a few things to think about if you’re stuck in a rut and suffering small business stress.  Considering different ways to reset your situation is the first step on the ladder to Zen business success. Collaboration