Drumming Therapy For Effective Stress Management

Drumming therapy is quickly becoming a mainstream holistic approach to stress management. Some favourite drumming techniques are intensely aerobic, relaxing, or meditative. Each of these styles provides its stress relief and cognitive benefits. The activity is a compelling addition to anger management programs and therapeutic settings. Drumming is a subset of music therapy, a centuries-old and more widespread technique of stress management. 

Understand The Importance Of Stress Management Techniques

Stress has become an epidemic in this millennium. Information, bills, overpopulation, long commutes, and everyday stressors inundate people. Most US citizens do not use all their earned vacation time, resulting in more time at work and less relaxation. The hyperactive schedules of most Americans leave us prone to stress-induced chronic illness and at high risk for substance abuse. People often do not have healthy outlets for stress, resulting in adverse medical conditions. 

Stress management has become a primary focus for medical and mental health practitioners across the country. Meditation, exercise, and other outlets for stress can drastically reduce the chances of developing stress-related illnesses. One stress management technique is music therapy. Drumming therapy is a form of entertainment and relaxation.  Music can be an excellent outlet for expression. Many current supporters of music therapy report the repeated rhythms are a form of meditation and create a state of relaxation. 

What Is Music Therapy?

Archaeologists have found evidence of musical instruments in ancient cultures on every continent, revealing the importance of music in human history. Music can sway emotions, create feelings of exhilaration and relaxation, and bring relief to those suffering from medical conditions. Additionally, music therapy can provide a stress-free period, allowing patients to concentrate on something other than their problems. Medical programs for various states use music therapy formally, including: 

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Autism in children and adults

  • Trauma

  • Chronic pain

  • Cancer

  • Long-term care

  • Addiction recovery

Use Drumming Therapy Outside Medical Settings

An individual or group can also perform music therapy outside of medical settings. Music teachers, performing art centres, and individual groups have created music therapy groups around the country. Music therapy classes can involve only one instrument type or multiple, depending on the instructor. Often, those who participate in music therapy groups find those with only one instrument to be the most relaxing. 

Drumming Therapy Can Give Your Mind A Break

One form of music therapy that is growing is drumming.  Drumming therapy typically occurs in a group setting with multiple drummers. Those in the class will learn basic drumming techniques and concentrate on keeping rhythm with others. The basis for drumming therapy is to contribute your part while embracing the activity and forgetting the outside world. It gives your mind a break from everyday stressors and creates positive energy. Instead of logical thoughts of bills, work, and medical problems wearing down a patient, the drummer releases negativity. 

Create Bonds With Other Drummers

The format of drumming in a group promotes a sense of team-building and creates bonds with other drummers. Many seeking drum therapy for psychological or medical issues feel isolated by their problems. Contributing to a group effort helps develop a sense of oneness and improves their feelings of loneliness. A person doesn’t have to be musically inclined to participate in drumming therapy. Each class will have a short instructional period and follow simple rhythmic steps. Like other music therapies, drumming is a healthy outlet for stress relief. Without proper stress management techniques, the stress hormone cortisol will continue to build in your system. If left untreated, stress can lead to medical issues, anxiety, depression, or substance abuse.

Untreated Stress And Addiction

When stress is untreated, it becomes a chronic condition. Your body will be in a constant state of alertness, wearing down your immune system and causing unwanted psychological problems. The continuous negative state will cause physical problems and require the sufferer to find outlets for stress. Often, when the pressure has built to extraordinary levels, people resort to unhealthy means of relief. A common unhealthy stress outlet is in the form of drugs and alcohol. These substances provide temporary relief from everyday stressors, but the use of toxic substances can lead to addictions and other health issues. 

Drum Therapy For Treating Addiction

Drum therapy is an effective holistic therapy for addiction treatment. The technique induces a state of relaxation, releases negative feelings, and improves patient connectedness. Those suffering from addiction release tension through drumming techniques, concentrating on a group rhythm effort. Drumming can also provide a hobby for those who are fighting a return to substance abuse. The self-expression in drumming therapy can be an excellent addition to those resistant to talk therapy. 

Maryland Recovery Drumming Circle Addiction Recovery

Some rehabilitation facilities offer drumming therapy in their holistic therapy programs. Maryland Recovery is one facility that provides this type of treatment. An experienced instructor leads the sessions, which include different music genres. Additionally, Maryland Recovery offers multiple rehabilitation options, including inpatient, outpatient, dual-diagnosis, and multiple holistic therapy choices for successful recovery.  Collaboration.