Health Benefits Of Coffee That You Need To Know

Coffee, most of us, including myself, love it.  I enjoy one, sometimes two coffees most days.  I love having my coffee as I hit my office and start writing articles as a freelance creative copywriter. Coffee has a seductive power of enticing most of us into our day ahead.  Is it the taste, initial energy boost, or just for the love of coffee?  As with most foods, coffee suits some of us and may upset others.  When I  mention coffee, I am talking pure, fresh, sustainable coffee.  Organic ideally.  There are no nutritional benefits from drinking instant coffee.  I often hear clients who have a diagnosis say that coffee is okay for them to drink.  Sure, but what kind of coffee and how much?  Instant coffee is nearly the closest version of drinking poison I can think of and will not help anyone’s health.

Health Benefits

According to the latest research from BMJ, three to four cups a day may have some health benefits.  Those who drank coffee daily appeared to reduce their risk of getting heart problems.  Reduced risk of liver disease and some cancers was also an exciting find for coffee drinkers.

Metabolism Boosting

Sharp thinking is my seductive lure to my daily caffeine ritual.  I love that coffee will boost my metabolism and training performance. Many factors including genetics can dictate how many shots of caffeine we can tolerate.  Just the whiff of caffeine gives some the jitters, while others can have a hit just before going to bed and sleep like a baby.  Generally, one cup in the morning is the best bet for most.  Too much caffeine is exhausting for your adrenals.  Caffeine may exacerbate symptoms of anxiety, and it’s best to avoid coffee if you are trying to get or are pregnant.  Coffee can become highly addictive, altering stress hormones while making you feel simultaneously wired and tired.  I often suggest flicking to dandelion coffee, chicory, green tea or a turmeric latte if caffeine is giving you the shakes.  Recent reports have also linked coffee with a reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis, melanoma, type two diabetes and liver cancer. It might also be useful for your heart.

What’s Your Style?

My brother grows acres of sugar beet in England, so this is not going to go down well with him, but I suggest ditching the sugar.  Sugar contains high levels of fructose, and this fructose causes damage to our bodies.  Some love going cold turkey with removing sugar, but if you are struggling with your sugar addiction hit me up for my tips and tricks that work at breaking the sugar addiction.  I have heard getting off sugar is harder than getting off drugs.  I don’t know about that one but what I’m saying is go easy on yourself when giving sugar up. It’s not easy.

Are You Milking It?

Full fat, skimmed, lactose-free, coconut, rice, soy, almond or just an espresso?  Seriously, we have gone crazy about the milk.  Most cafes in England, if you ask for anything other than full fat or skinny they look at you as if you are from Mars.  Being a barista was my favourite job in my whole cafe experience.  The buzz of cranking out all those coffees helping so many gorgeous people on their way to work was such a pleasure.  The variety of people who used to stream in all day I loved.

My Winning Hit

Segafredo is how my cafe rocked. Lately, I enjoy an espresso at my desk, preferably with a raw cacao little number on the side.  I like to have a few days a week when I don't have a coffee.  Instead, I might enjoy a green tea.

How do you enjoy your coffee?