Can Bloggers And SME's Throw Successful Events?

Many small companies and self-employed bloggers tend to assume that events can only be successful if they are organised by a large business. While there is no denying that throwing an event requires a substantial budget, it would be foolish to assume that your business is too small to make it work. Indeed, it’s essential to ask yourself one question: Do you have to be big to appeal to your audience group? The answer is no. You can build a loyal audience without having to become a global company. When you have identified your main target, there is practically nothing that stops you from getting in touch and inviting people to your marketing event. Surprisingly enough, your small size could even end up becoming an advantage when it comes to event planning. Here’s how to make it work: 

 You’ve got less to worry about

Regardless of size, every event invitation needs to answer two vital questions, namely where is the party and what food is offered. Finding the best venue when you’re managing a small audience group gives you the possibility to work with inexpensive locations. Additionally, a limited audience also affects the catering menu. Indeed, you’re less likely to have to plan for a variety of dietary requirements or to order large quantities. In other words, there is less to think about as small events tend to offer straightforward planning. 

You don’t need to do everything yourself

While it might be tempting to prepare everything by yourself, there’s no need to stick to a DIY approach. You can hire a few waiters or hostesses for the evening through specialist companies such as DSC Personnel. Gathering a small team of professionals can not only ensure your event runs smoothly but it also immediately enhances the atmosphere. Hospitality staff are trained to make everybody feels comfortable and cared for, which means you can focus on meeting everyone while they work in the background.  

Let your attendees create a buzz

Someone like Taylor Swift can generate a buzz online just by promising to throw a party. But you don’t need to be a famous VIP to have everybody talking about your event. In fact, you can even let your audience promote the party while you take it easy. Indeed, creating a dedicated #hashtag can encourage users to share their views and invitations. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring social media displays to the party to keep guests posting about the event. 

You’re more likely to make new contacts

Last but not least, XXL events can feel a little impersonal. It’s difficult to meet people in a crowded space. However, small events offer an intimate and accessible platform where you can easily get to chat to people and build new connections. As a business professional, you can benefit a lot more from a handful of informative one-to-one interactions in a small networking event than from a pile of business cards collected in a large and busy venue. 

In conclusion, you don’t have to be big to throw an event that will entertain your audience and create new leads. The smaller your venture is, the easier it will be to organise, impress, attract and meet your customers. Collaboration.