How Being Authentic Is The Key To Happiness And My Business

Being authentic is all about you being you!  It’s not about being better than anyone else.  Other people's material stuff has no benefit to me.  But how people feel and whether they look happy, that has a direct effect on me.  If I see someone walking with a slightly sassy strut or someone smiling from within, that makes me feel good.  Good vibes shine from those people, and they ooze happiness.  Happiness looks gorgeous on everyone.

Being Authentic In My Business

What’s my business got to do with being authentic?  Everything really, because I don’t see my business as work.  I often refer to my business as ‘my gig’.  My health gig is an extension of who I am.  I see my business rocking best freelance copywriter websites as my lifestyle.  I live authentically and share how and what I have studied, researched and do with my healthy lifestyle.  I'm sharing what I find nourishing while thriving as a busy working mother.

My Journey

I’ve dedicated years to studying naturopathy, holistic nutrition, yoga, sports therapy and cooking.  Which is such a joke!  At school, I was virtually a grade D student.  I was too busy thinking about how I was going to win my show jumping class on Saturday.  I flunked out of school at 16 years old to ride racehorses and show jumpers for the rest of my life.  So how the hell did I spend about six years studying natural health nailing distinctions?  To be honest, I’m proud of my grades.  And on top of that, how did I end up loving blogging, don’t you have to be good at English language and literature to do that?

My Passion Drives My Authenticity

I achieved those grades and blog because I am 100% passionate about healthy food.  I am excited about the enormous effect a healthy lifestyle has on us looking and more importantly feeling our best.  My passion is helping people feel their best.  Ultimately make our world a better place.  If people felt better about themselves to imagine what a positive, happier place our world would be.

So that’s what my gig is all about helping others look and feel their best.  Feeling their best means different things to different people.  For my clients, it may be weight loss, energy, mental clarity, healthy ageing, or making more money.  For me, feeling my best is about being centred within myself, speaking my truth and living my life authentically.  Yoga is a powerful part of my healthy lifestyle.