9 Healthy Snacks To Help You Kick Your Vending Machine Habits

Healthy snacks at work can sometimes be tricky.  We’ve all been there: It’s mid-afternoon, and you have hours of work ahead of you. You don’t notice the ringing phone or the email alerts, though. What we notice while rocking our best freelance copywriter websites and what you notice—what you’re most focused on—is the rumbling in your stomach, and how that’s distracting you from the task at hand. You have to work, but first, you have to eat.  Most of us probably dig around in our desk, wallet, or purse for a little spare change and then we head to the vending machine. There are a host of choices with sugar and salt and lots of unhealthy calories.  There is another way, though. You can say no to the vending machine and make a decision that’s better for you and your health. What are those and how can you satisfy those cravings without negatively impacting your health? This graphic has some ideas.

Healthy Snacks To Choose At Work

9 Healthy Snacks To Help Your Kick Your Vending Machine Habit InfoGraphics

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