5 Must-Have Tools for Managing Your Online Business

If you are running your business online, you might be overwhelmed from time to time with administration, accounts, and recruitment. To save time and increase your productivity, implement some business tools.  It will help you manage your time, money, and resources better.  Keeping time on administration will allow you to focus on what matters to you: growing your venture as a marketing copywriter freelance and looking for new opportunities. The must-have business tools for small online businesses in Australia below.

1.  Slack

To collaborate with workforce online in a practical and professional level, even if they live in remote areas of Australia, you can sign up for Slack. You can add people to different teams, collaborate on projects, and add documents to review.  Slack can be installed on your phone.  This means you can initiate online calls directly to employees, instead of trying to call them on the phone. You will also be able to send out broadcasts and get feedback on different business areas.

2. Good hire

Instead of trying to engage with multiple recruitment companies, you can install Good hire. The service will screen all your potential contractors, freelancers, and full-time workers, so you will know that they are qualified and have relevant experience. This system offers a significant level of flexibility for small business owners. All checks are compliant with federal and state employment legislation, and the control panel is easy to use.

3.  Google Drive

The basic version of Google Drive is free and allows you to create teams, share documents, and edit them as a team. Indeed, you can install the entire G-suite on your laptop and make use of the advanced project management utilities, including Google Calendar offered for only a few dollars. The G-suite includes Hangouts, editing tools compatible with Microsoft Word, and mobile data management, so you can keep your online workspace secure.

4.  Canva

If you are looking for more creative ways to engage with your customers, you will love Canva that has a free and upgraded version. You can create Facebook banners, posters, and professional cards using professional templates. If you are currently planning an online marketing campaign, get in touch with a digital agency to design your branding and customer engagement.

5.  Buffer

Take your social media campaigns to the next level with Buffer.  You can schedule future posts on different social media sites up to a month ahead. Moreover, you can track the views and clicks on each post, if you use the upgraded version of Buffer. This online productivity tool works well with mobile devices and gives you instant statistics.

Focus more on creating value for customers and improving your business and less on administration. Thanks to the recent improvements in the cloud technology, you can now work and collaborate with others from anywhere.  Collaboration.