Behind The Scenes & The Latest Scoop On Social Sparkler

Social Sparkler launched in early 2019 by health copywriter Nic Makim as part of the continuing explosion of health and wellness businesses requiring content.  

Social Sparkler Services And Name

Social - well that kind of speaks for itself, we do social stuff online:

+ Blogs

+ eBooks

+ Editing


+ Web Copy + Design

+ Content Strategy

+ Blog Management

Sparkler - our three kids sparkle up our lives and our beautiful Sophs first nickname from her school friends on her first week at primary school was Sparkling Sophie. Our little natural at sparkling up all situations with positive vibes.

Social Sparkler is a culmination of naturopathic, business, life and writing shenanigans. Offering like-minded, creative and passionate business owners the opportunity to maintain balance.

We are trying to be a breath of fresh air by specialising in two things:

  1. Supporting your vitality with naturopathic tips and resources.

  2. Crafting sparkling content solutions for your business.

Business Owners

Search ‘skills required for business owners’, and you find the same boring stuff:

  • Strategy and planning for setting goals, actions and measuring performance.

  • Writing for blogs, emails, business correspondence and web content.

  • Marketing.

  • Graphic Design.

To rock and sustain a successful business you need waaaayyyy more than that! A few other essential skills include:

  • Guts, grit, determination + never-ending ‘try, try, try’ attitude.

  • Work ethic like no other!

  • Stacks of confidence and self-motivation.

  • Big dreams and never giving up on them.

  • Strong mind to control any ‘monkey mind’ business going on.

  • Loving your work to the maximum.

  • Continual thirst for learning, doing more and aiming higher.

To continually maintain this attitude and sustain the amount of work required to rock your gig you need to look after yourself!

Our Mission 

Social Sparkler aims to enrich brands with mindful, curated and engaging content primarily in the health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle space.

To write better, dream bigger and aim higher. To nourish your inner creative and enrich your online brand with sparkling content.

Exclusive Resource Library

To help you feel fit and fabulous instead of frazzled we have curated a selection of naturopathic ebooks, workbooks, templates and cheat sheets. Check it out here.

Self Care For Online Entrepreneurs workbook

Self-care is not just a trending hashtag. Self-care really does matter! As a business owner and naturopath Nic has put together her top self-care tips for maintaining balance and preventing burnout in this little ebook. To get your hands on this juicy little ebook click here.

Vitality Tips For Busy Business Owners ebook

Hydration, smoothies and coffee - how they may or may not be helping you.

Nourishing Vitality For Business Owners ebook

How to maintain vitality and balance stress with nourishing foods.

Social Sparkler is founded by health writer Nic Makim, Sunshine Coast based naturopath and award-winning blogger who simply loves blogging, spinning a yarn and sparkling brands with enriching copy.